Free Printable HypnoBirthing Affirmations!

I’m so excited to offer this set of 20 calming, encouraging, and positive birth affirmation printables! As we discuss throughout our HypnoBirthing class series, positive affirmations are an important aspect of preparing for a calm and comfortable birth experience. When we affirm something positive, it creates belief within your subconscious mind, thus making it more achievable as a goal. For every thought or belief, there is a chemical reaction in the body. Calm thoughts = calm birthing!


Decorating your home with visual affirmations is a great daily reminder of your strengths, your trust in your body, and your birthing goals. These printable affirmations can also be placed on the wall in your home birthing space, brought to the hospital or birthing center, and even made in a banner. Birth visualizations AND affirmations make for great clock covers in the birth room!


These were created to be letter size (8.5″ x 11″) but can be shrunk down to a smaller size when printing to make a banner. You can even print them black and white to color in with your birthing color, or perhaps a rainbow of colors to accompany your Rainbow Relaxation from HypnoBirthing class! Many of the affirmations included in this set are also specific to the language we use in HypnoBirthing classes. So while they can be used by anyone, if you are a HypnoBirthing student they are especially beneficial!


Click the link below to preview and download the high resolution PDF. If you have any trouble downloading it, please let me know!

I hope you enjoy these and they help to make your birthing space calm and confident. I would LOVE to see how you use these so please send photos through email at, tag my account on Facebook or Instagram, or use #hypnobirthingoc on Instagram.


Free Printable HypnoBirthing Affirmations